The Center administers zim-wide GIS infrastructure, collect and disseminate spatial datasets and provide training and project support in the use of geospatial technologies. We support projects that require customized gis software & app development, capacity building, geodatabase development including front-end user interfaces, geographically referenced information, spatial mapping and analysis. Our mission is to organize and analyze sub-Saharan Africa’s geographically referenced information into a universally accessible format and promote its widespread use in conservation and development. By doing this we believe we are lowering barriers to the use of geospatial technology in Africa.

Come to CGISA for:

◊ Increased access to credible spatial information, empowering citizens, local governments, and protecting marginalized communities

◊ Access to hardware, software and spatial data

◊ Web-mapping and Mobile Data Collection Applications Development and Programming

◊ Spatial Data and Geodatabase Development

◊Project Implementation Support

◊ Crisis and humanitarian situation response mapping, creation and leveraging of technology enabling mapping of the real-time pulse of what’s happening on the ground

◊ Collecting meaningful data by gathering data through custom surveys and crowdsourcing tools onboard mobile devices

◊ Capacity building training programs and technical workshops

◊ Tools for GIS applications and platforms for collaborative research on socio-ecological systems coupling location information

◊ Curriculum support for universities offering gis courses on how to incorporate spatial thinking and mapping technologies into their courses or seeking to integrate spatial data with knowledge from multiple disciplines

◊ Seminars and conferences on GIS topics & the coupling of location information across disciplines

◊ Understanding the theory behind Geoinformation Science & Earth Observation

◊ Joining our GIS Learning Group

◊ Connecting to the GIS Community of Users in the region