Our Mission

is to organize and analyze geographically referenced information into a universally accessible format and promote its widespread use in conservation and development.


Lowering barriers to the use of geospatial technology in Africa.


1. To provide a platform for open, collaborative geospatial software development projects by supplying software, hardware, communication and business infrastructure.

2. To create an open-collaborative location information innovation hub responsible for activating geospatial technology innovators towards positive socio-economic impact.

3. To create a spatial data repository and control center responsible for collecting, creating, storing and openly disseminating (subject to open data sharing protocols) spatial data for use in humanitarian, conservation and development initiatives

4. To leverage the use of geospatial technology in public voluntary development projects, programmes and humanitarian situations in partnership with public and private, local and international partners.

5. To operate capacity building programmes, geospatial conferences and collaborate in related efforts with public and private, local and international partners.

6. To formant an environment for interdisciplinary scientific research on socio-ecological systems coupling location information.

7. To create and run peer reviewed (journal/books/articles) scientific publications on the use of location information in the understanding of socio-ecological systems in Africa. 8. To create an independent location information innovation and geospatial services based cross-sector policy think tank.

9. To provide a foundation for developing a voluntary code of ethics in spatial data use, dissemination, accessibility and spatial data standardisation and being an active promoter of geospatial technology through its usage and lobbying for legislation and policies (open data sharing) that favour geospatial technology.

10. To create an independent legal entity for geospatial research and development (R & D) resource mobilisation for the advancement of the geospatial industry in Africa and realisation of the Trust’s objectives. Our Values Innately curious, innovative, scaling, interdisciplinary thinking